c a j s a  b o u s s a r d



Old become new, one of a kind
from what I've been given or what I can find
Sometimes in fabric sometimes in steel
Maybe a painting will tell how I feel

c a j s a b o u s s a r d





Below You can read about KAJLiSart Sweden's

chosen charity projects


Aoibheann's Pink Tie

National childhood cancer organization

kennel klub

animal rescue lanzarote


This is why you're proud in this Tie!

 REUSE                              Handcrafted                                  Unique

Special edition for Aoibheann's Pink Tie

This non-profit organization provides practical, emotional and financial fall back

to families of children diagnosed with cancer. Right here, right now fighting in their everyday life.

So, all credit to the medical research, but this time all the money goes directly to the battlefield.

The Pink Rag Tie

From KAJLiSart Sweden -RAG BAG Collection

To Aoibheann's Pink Tie

-Ireland today, the world tomorrow-

Thank You.


Probably the best gift ever! Comes in a beautiful gift box.

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Price: 370 SEK

And for the ladies or anyone who doesn't wear a tie ...around their neck ... there's the lovely tie bracelet with the mother-of-pearl button. All the money goes to charity.

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Price: 100 SEK



(Eng; warrior); Person from the bottom of his heart

battles for physical and spiritual survival

This hat was designed with the thought of the children who are fighting cancer. But it became rather popular, and when I think about it, we all have something to fight for and we are all forced to face our battles, big and small. And many of You wants to help supporting these children, therefore 100SEK of every sold hat, goes to my chosen charity Aoibheann's Pink Tie.

Price: 550SEK

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"Aoibheann's pink tie, This is why..."

A video by KAJLiSart Sweden

In the studio


The BALOO Brand



kennel klub

animal rescue lanzarote